Front woman Aley Alvey is flawless heading the lead vocals for this quintet. Although some may know her from New City Road fame, her voice can be strong  or soft and sultry. But her attitude is the perfect fit.

  John Vickers has been beatin skins for decades but most recently has been the groove for the area's most popular band, Big Daddy Jasper.

  This rhythm section is down right dangerous. With the addition of Joe T. Phegley , we're not missing a beat. A Cats brother with Perry for years, Joe has been keepin grooves solid for generations.

  Howard Freitag is a guitar virtuoso, to say the least. At times, he's just a freak with his patterns and mad skills.

‚Äč  Perry Zubeck bangs the keyboards. Playing with bands such as Cats on Holiday& Kung Fu Dynamite, he's found something new to occupy his time and satisfy his passion.


About the Band